Melissa Collison



Prior the the grand opening of Brasserie Ananas in 2012, our client commissioned our studio to add styling and decor to their exciting new French venue.  We swung into action and sourced decorative items from all corners of the globe, as well as from local interior design, vintage and collectables stores.

Some of the decor imported included a menagerie of rare bird sculptures by highly collectable artist Sergio Bustamante, and 1940s palm tree and pineapple brass sculpture lamps by esteemed Parisian design house, Maison Jansen. We added plush velvets, silks, cut crystal and tassels to the fabulous Parisian brasserie design.

In addition, we designed and had hand made lamp shades in silver pleated silk finished with rose fringing. Oyster crates were sourced and filled with botanicals and fruit. Wall art and French memorabilia was sourced and hung. One of the favourite pieces we sourced is a rare papier-mâché sculpture of a peacock swinging from the entry by Sergio Bustamante. Traditional cut glass vases with roses and a large grand floral design entry piece provided the finishing touch.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 5.34.12 pm.png

Prior to the opening, we also assisted our client with the frame work of the fabulous opening party, including a banana skirted Josephine Baker, prior to them engaging their fantastic events team - what a great night. 

For our second phase of the same venue, our client commissioned us to re-design the front bar area to provide a lunch time seating plan in 2014/15.

In 2016, Ananas was closed to make way for El Camino Cantina - an inspired and fun TexMex venue.

Our practice was awarded the design of El Camino Cantina, which opened in May 2016.