Melissa Collison


popsicles - a super cool trend

First it was blueberry muffins, then cupcakes and now it's just gotta be popsicles - yes popsicles!!

Yummo.  Remember those days when you were little, riding your bike around the streets or taking a spin in your hula hoop with two pigs tails in your hair.  Sun blasting on your face and eating a popsicle.  Those were the days.

Lemonade was a big hit and if your mum was creative enough, you'd be slurping on a frozen pink lemonade or orange juice or for a super sugar hit, green cordial.  Now you can get pineapple and chilli, watermelon and lemonade, peanut and coconut, lime and lavender.

I was reminded of this when I was at a market on the weekend and bought a liana raine popsicle. It was soooooo good.  Watermelon tipped in lemonade.  I didn't want it to end.  

So, forget muffins, cupcakes, frozen yoghurt and ice-cream, my bet is you're going to be poppin' for a designer popsicle - The King of Pop - very soon...

Melissa Collison