Melissa Collison


guess who's coming to dinner?

Whipped and plucked.  The crabs have been whipped out of the ocean, plucked of all of their scary stuff - prepared and ready to be eaten.

If you have a close look at the vignettes below you will see a beautiful hand painted silk wall paper in a toffee colour.  It has been hung in one of my recent projects to complete the dining room and my lovely client had it shipped all the way to Sydney.  An even closer look will take you to a wall of coral coloured roses and silver grey birds that seem to flutter across the wall.

This home has a very warm, classic feel with a French Asian twist and a touch of glamour.  And, I just love my clients very proper and traditional cream and gold dinner service.  Bring your manners...

The perfect setting for an over the top bouquet of mixed garden roses in every colour possible and some hydranga thrown into the mix.  Of course, they were from Australia's best florist, Grandiflora.  I try to use Grandiflora whenever I can as Saskia and her team create the most wonderful pieces of floral art.

Without hesitation I got to the kitchen, with my new camera, a steamer and the poor blue swimmer crabs to create part of the perfect meal for this classic setting.  Marinated for 10 minutes in a mix of oyster, soy + fish sauce and a mind blowing amount of fresh garlic.  Steamed and tossed in the wok with a few shallots. BYO bib. Eating these babies is messy. 

Feast your eyes on this.....