Melissa Collison


tea + cake

How gorgeous is the pink tea set in the picture below?

It is my mothers and her parents gave it to her for her 21st birthday.  Remember as a child there were always things that you were not allowed to touch?  This was one of those in our home.  It was always in the dining room console and no one touched it, ever.  

The first time it was used, as far as I know, was at my mum's 70th birthday.  Her sister insisted we finally use it and the second time was last weekend.  It just couldn't sit there for ever, idle wishing someone would take it out and play.

Out came the baking tins, the mixer, wooden spoons, chopping boards + on went the oven.  As most of you know this is one of my first blog posts and I wanted the blog to be about all things beautiful that make you swoon...I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.  Cooking, styling + photographing and making it all happen at once.  Next time I think I'll wear an apron.

Given the above, you can imagine I have the utmost respect for food stylists and photographers.  Can someone please tell me how many hands to you need to watch the cream as it is being whipped, thanks to the person who designed mix masters, chop the strawberries put it together with a camera in one hand, cream on the other, not getting it on the new lens of the camera I bought (guy in shop super sized me, could have flown to New York) and take a shot?  help.

Anyway, I am knee deep in it now...

I hope you enjoy the images below of a cake baked by me, a home cook, who doesn't measure anything so is hopeless at the science of baking and an amateur photographer (me) who at this stage only knows about one button.  On and off.

I'd love you to enjoy this post while listening to Marilyn's, Diamond Are a Girls Best Friend.  

Marilyn, diamonds, pink, cosy and gorgeous. 

p.s. Mum, this first post is for and in honour of you. love forever dolly xxx