Melissa Collison


goodbye summer

As a final goodbye to summer, lets indulge in a little of the ocean. I've prepared a smashingly fresh calamari teamed with a crushed sprinkle of finely chopped fresh rosemary, chilli flakes and sea salt. 

Please check out the images below I took of the food as I was slicing, dusting and frying.  Mind the dusting photo, it looks like a bit of a floury blob but I can assure you, the crispy calamari hardly had time to hit the table as it was being picked directly from the pan via my captive audience.  And, you know who you are....

I've mentioned before that I almost always go to the Sydney Fish Market to buy whatever seafood I need. Housed in the same location is the Blackwattle Deli, which is a fab fruit + veg shop and bakery.  So, it's a one-stop shop and I can be in and out in 20 minutes.  Just the way I like to shop.

Clean the squid and slice very thinly (so you don't feel like you are chewing on a rubber band).  Toss it in flour, season with salt and pepper, and shallow fry for a few minutes.  It's simple, quick and delicious. All served with a fresh tomato and fennel salad.