Melissa Collison


honey bunny

It’s Easter this weekend and I’m sure most everyone is looking forward to the break. There are a few reasons to celebrate bunnies this weekend.  For one, it is Hugh Hefner’s birthday on the 9th and we all know he loved a good bunny.  And, there are an abundance of chocolate Easter Bunnies ready for the eating this weekend.  But I need to reveal a secret to you all.  I don’t want to upset anyone or burst your Easter bubble.  It’s just time you knew.  It's not the Easter Bunny's birthday, he isn’t real and he doesn’t lay chocolate Easter eggs.

Easter is essentially about a guy who was around quite a few years ago.  He was good-looking and had a beard; and I for one am partial to a good beard.  He didn’t have much fashion sense but he had a decent pair of leather sandals. Anyway, he had a few bad days lets say with a few people who weren’t so keen on him but he managed to rise above it with the help of his friends. He had one really great friend who washed his feet. The rest is his story.

Many like to eat fish around Easter time, so I have resurrected a favourite recipe of mine. This week in the kitchen, I gutted and scaled a snapper and whipped up a very simple meal for Easter. I also mentioned in one of my first posts that I would talk about the colour orange and colours close to it.  See my ‘melon baby’ story to get you in the vibe.


Melissa Collison