Melissa Collison


country gardening

If the glove fits, grab your wellies and start working...

In my last post a shared I a few images I took of my friend's gorgeous family property.  Gardens like this don't just happen. If you have a green thumb you will appreciate the sweat and tears that goes into creating, building and maintaining a garden.  If you don't have a green thumb I'm sure you'll attest to how wrong it can all go.

My friend is the very clever and talented landscape designer Barbara Landsberg.  It's no surprise that the garden at her country property is so magnificent.  I'm a fan of Barbara's work that mixes "designed rambling" with colour. 

Like any keen gardener knows, and I use that term loosely with Barbara's property, this is a massive team effort and you need the tools of the trade.  Here's what the front door to one of the cottages looks like: