Melissa Collison


purple coloured glasses

I couldn't resist posting an image of these gorgeous "The Benjamin" pendant lights.  They are very sought after by collectors of industrial lighting.  It's the rare colour of these lights that makes them so special, as well as the fact that they were produced back in the 1920s and 1930s.

It's rare to see this lavender colour in lighting; its elegant simplicity and quality (explosion-proof!) construction have just the right look. There are a few versions of this lamp, but the one I've posted here, with the copper screw and extra-thick 6" glass globe lens, is one of my favorites.  Here are a perfect matching pair wired and ready to go. There are many modern versions of this type of pared-back, elemental lighting - but the originals are the real thing.

So, if you feel like sitting under a purple glow, email our office.  At around $1300 for the pair, they are sure to turn someone on real fast...