Melissa Collison


i scream for screens

Don't you just love a good screen?

A sceen can provide a sculptural divider in a space without completely blocking it off and making you feel hemmed in.  We can also have a bit of fun when designing a screen, we can carve it, paint on it, slat it and use all kinds of different materials from timber to metal to plastic.

But, don't be fooled, screens are not always the easiest items to manufacture and get just right.  It usually takes many heads and some times an engineer to have some input to ensure they don't buckle, bend or fall over.  They take many trades to take you to the finished product.

We can use screens simply for decoration, or as doors.  Take for example our beautiful screens below.  The first one is on a heavy industrial track and divides the ensuite and bathroom.  Can't you see yourself doing a little shimmy behind that?  It was manufactured from oak, then carved with the cherry blossom design (which we designed), then painted over in lacquer to get a dark shadow patina.  Then it needed to be delivered to the property in pieces so we could get it up the stairs... Cherry picker anyone...?

The second image is a solid screen and painted in a high gloss colour called 'Banana'.  Who would have guessed. This screen (or massive door) slips back into a pocket when open so it is hidden.  This one provides noise reduction for the AV room to a sitting room.

Lastly, a very pretty retro flower screen in metal.  We designed this a few years ago for a gorgeous home in Double Bay.

* this screen was designed when Melissa Collison was interior designer director and principle of Site Interior Design Studio, several moons ago...

Melissa Collison