Melissa Collison


Earthly Delights

I have a fascination with maps, globes and atlases (and dictionaries but I'll leave that for another post).

I love hearing about a tiny village somewhere in the world that I don't know about and then looking it up on a map or in my altas.  And, one of my most desired maps is that of the city of Paris with all it's arrondissements.

It seems, I'm not the only one with this fascination.  Altases, globes and maps are seriously popular as decor in homes but I feel they are more than decor.  They have a function.

Going places?  This c1940s aluminium globe from the USA will have you feeling like a world superpower.  The globe's axes allow it to spin in three different directions - perfect for plotting world domination in the comfort of your own (tastefully decorated) home.  

If getting out of doors is more your style, observe the map-toting style of the model in this vintage Mark Shaw photograph:

Don't forget highly collectable maps and atlases.  How very directional.

So, whether you are looking to join the dots or dreaming of your next adventure, throw a dart and land in the perfect spot.