Melissa Collison


our crumpled love

Slow mornings, long evenings.  Savor the smells of your lover. A crumpled bed, a hand carved timber heart and a scribbled note left on the pillow. 

Honest, real love - fireplace optional.

Feeling like a little free and natural kinda love?  This piece by Imogen Cunningham (circa 1957) tells that tale for me.  If you would like to get your hands on it you'll have to roll out of bed and get you and your messed-up head of hair over to Weston Gallery, California...

Feeling the pace of a fast beating heart?  The natural one below will set you back almost $4000 and can be found at Brendan Bass in Texas.  Let's hope your love is coming a little more freely...


Click on the note below, left on the pillow, for a little lovin'!


Melissa Collison