Melissa Collison


Finger painting

What do you do when you are overloaded? When there is no barrier between work and home, and love and work, and life and work, and family and work, just keeps going.  When there is no time but you just can't stop.  You don't want to stop.  You just want more!

When life is one big fat juicy orange and you want to peel it, squeeze it, drink it.

You do more.

You decide to get out a paint brush, since you haven't done so since school, and you start adding paint to a board, a canvas or paper.

I grew up watching my mother paint in oils.  Her days would evaporate into this world of pigmented fantasy.  As a child it was hard to understand how she could do it for so long. I woke up one morning a few months ago and for some reason had a really strong desire to get out her oils and her paint box.  I found them stored high in a cabinet.  And, so it began.

It's so relaxing.  While I love company, friends and lovers, I totally love wasting into a world of fantasy.  One where I can escape.  The hours pass.

Last weekend, I took myself off to a weekend painting class with esteemed Australian artist Luke Sciberras held in Hill End at his divine studio.  What an adventure.  He’s such a talented man and all that you imagine an artist might be.  A raconteur and bon vivant.  A great teacher with a magical studio.

I've come back with the strongest desire to keep painting.

Here are three of my finger paintings, and thank you Luke for your little input. xxxx