Melissa Collison


guy de rougemont + a day in the life of a designer

Designer's days are windows of such variety.  In the last few weeks I've started designing wall sculptures.  There I am with the blacksmith, in a dark workshop, getting my hands dirty.  It's hot and sweaty.  It's creative and inspiring.  The pieces are 1600mm high.  I'm also working on many other pieces combining heavy metals and glass and wood and plastic.  As I work my way through I will drip-feed you a little show and tell.

I often work with furniture manufacturers to design bespoke pieces for my clients' homes. We worked hard to design the curved dirty yellow sofa in the project shown below.  It was 5300mm long and took five men to carry each half.

I spend hours designing rugs; seeing them woven and come to life really keeps me going. So my job involves much more than going to showrooms and selecting pieces.  I often spend time collaborating with my box of friends, 72 Derwent pencils that help me put together all of the colours I am working on.  At the moment it's either neons or colours I call 'milkshake'; all the colours of the rainbow with a dash of milk, if you get my drift.  But by far the most trusty colleague I have in my studio is the tape measure, which is never far my from hand.  And along with the designing and the textures, there are client meetings, meetings with builders, discussions and approvals from councils... 

There are some past greats of design that inspire me in my job, and over the next couple of weeks I'll introduce you to them.  One of them is Guy de Rougemont.  If you're looking to invest in a fabulous classic design piece, his Cloud Table might be just the thing for you.  One just sold for $200000.  With beans like that Christie's had better be throwing a silver lining into the bargain...