Melissa Collison


pucci postcard

Before our Italian jaunt comes to an end, we're sharing a little inspiration from a master Italian designer.  As this blog is all about 'the beautiful life', we'll take a look at design visionary Emilio Pucci, whose bold colours and brave patterns immediately bring to mind both a specific era (glam post-war jet-set) as much as a sense of classic timelessness. 

Pucci seems to have almost fallen into fashion design - he was a talented champion skiier, an ardent student of political science, as well an aristocrat by birth.  In 1947 a ski outfit he designed for a friend was photographed by Toni Frissell and published in Harper's Bazaar. Within two years, Pucci had opened a boutique in Capri that sold a variety of items (including the very first "Capri" pants). He became known as the “Prince of Prints,” showing his bold and beautiful collections from the family Palazzo, wooing American buyers who adored the combined leisure and colourful extravagance of his pieces.

Emilio Pucci is also noted as being a pioneer in breaking down the boundaries of fashion.  His various forays into the sphere of 'lifestyle'  include designing airline uniforms, the logo for the Apollo 15 space mission, the interiors of the Ford Lincoln Continental Mark IV, and furniture (shown here) made in collaboration with Cappellini. Now that's a beautiful life.