Melissa Collison


acido dorado

Robert Stone certainly inspires with his golden show in Palm Springs.  Conceived and built with a very hands-on approach by its architect, the luxury vacation house is both a labour of love and a creative triumph.

Acido Dorado (which means 'golden acid') is the best kind of embellishment: stunning, uncompromising, and yet utterly compatible with its surroundings.  With its endless mirrored and tinted glass surfaces, motifs dripping in gold automotive paint (roses, hearts...), and sliding doors opening up 78% of the building to the outdoors, this project was certainly a leap of faith. Boy, does it work.

I get the feeling Bambi and Thumper are going to ride out and bowl over 007.  Baby, when you’re stuck in the Californian desert, you’ve got to shimmer like a mirage.  Click below for more precious gold.