Melissa Collison


lautner's lairs

Last week’s story on Acido Dorado got us thinking about a certain Bond villain’s lair.  So we're taking you back to California, to the Elrod House by architect John Lautner.  Like Acido Dorado, it is also nestled in Palm Springs and seems to emerge from its formidable environment with an unusual strength.  This was the lair of choice in Diamonds Are Forever, and even when Sean Connery is casing the joint, a lot of the suspense comes courtesy of the Lautner-designed surrounds.  

Lautner was trained by Frank Lloyd Wright and came of age during key mid-century movements, but is being increasingly recognised for his own distinctive body of work.  His buildings have been regularly hit up by Hollywood filmmakers (Lautner homes also feature prominently in A Single Man and The Big Lebowski).  Aside from being remarkably photogenic, they seem to embody a man’s relationship - triumphs, struggles - with his environment.  

Click the screenshot below to watch Bambi and Thumper perform gymnastics in Lautner’s supremely cast Elrod House:

Melissa Collison