Melissa Collison


marilyn's solitude...

It's hard to imagine Marilyn Monroe living in sparse surrounds, but the first and only home Marilyn bought for herself in 1962, following the breakup of her marriage to Arthur Miller, was a modest, personal refuge.  Though her furnishings were somewhat scattered - her phonograph remained on the floor - they were all chosen by Marilyn herself and provided great comfort to her.  It reminds us of the importance of the home to the heart.

Marilyn often showed visitors around her Brentwood home, which she described as a “fortress where I can feel safe from the world”.  A slave to love must sometimes also face solitude.  And, even now, as I pen this, I too need some solitude to reflect.....We've put together the essentials of a Monroe-worthy fortress.

Most of the photos we have of Marilyn in her Brentwood home feature her in (1) some recumbent position with a book in hand, so your first investment will have to be something solid like this (2) mid-century Swedish teak bookcase.  Litter the place with reading material.  Marilyn's personal copy of (3) Some Like It Hot, and her (6) own dog-eared books, long ago snapped up at auction, fit the bill.  The major focal point should be a generous sofa designed for comfort. This (4) classic Milo Baughman Thayer-Coggin rosewood piece will do very nicely to crawl over when the photographers visit.  Also handy to have those (5) iconic white bedsheets to cocoon yourself in.  Add some womanly touches with the simple, restrained glamour of this (7) mirrored 40s French night stand, or (8) a mid-century American club chair that's as creamy and fleshy as you are.  Finally, there's a diminutive (9) Argentine sculpted writing desk from which you can pen cheeky letters to producers, a (10) 50s brass Carl Auboeck lamp that recalls your silhouette, and a (11) vintage bottle of your favourite Chanel No. 5.

Melissa Collison