Melissa Collison


Amuse yourself

It's almost the 1st of December and I can feel the festive season is well and truly happening.  I can think of no better way to depict fun than to bring out your inner child and the innocence of retro youth than with a ferris wheel of amusement park decor.

Roll up, roll up....Anyone ready for the kissing booth?

amusements storyboard.jpg

Your place will be the biggest attraction in town with a splash of retro fun-fair.  Relive your childhood with this oh-so-collectible (1) 1960s carnival sculpture by C. Jere, which comes complete with ferris wheel, circus tents, shooting gallery and arcade games.  If you ain't tall enough for the rides you can (2) make your hair into a stick of fairy floss like our favourite li’l darling doll face Abbey Lee "ka-ching!" Kershaw, who flashed her baby blues at Vera Wang from beneath a tasty spun candy bouffant.  Heed your calling on (3) the 1950s “Free Rides” painted carnival sign and you’ll soon be seeing stars, just like the ones on these (4) original carousel panels from the USA.  It's time for another sweet confection, a little Italian Ice in the form of (5) an early 1950s Stilnovo pendant, which reminds us of the perfectly lit candy colours at (6) Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2012 show, staged on a whimsical carousel.  We’ll be going round in circles from this point, and the real fun happens out of the show grounds, so you’re best to rock out in the twinkling direction of the (7) fab carnival arrow.