Melissa Collison


Purple Reign

purple storyboard numbers.jpg

Purple is a colour so often misunderstood.  It's a fringe dweller of the colour society and sits out there with orange. Another misunderstood colour - but, I'll talk about orange very soon.

Today, it's all about you purple and how magnificent you are in all of your passionate glory and the depth of your emotion.  Who can raise an orange flame better than you deep purple.  You are proud, powerful.

Purple, the king of colour, you rock, you reign.

Ready to come shopping? Please feel free to take a seat in these (1) Kofod-Larsen chairs in purple velvet but don't lean back Doll, you might scratch the (2) Flavor Paper Wallpaper...Flower power. Lovin' this (3) Barovier + Toso teardrop chandelier, might be time to play Eartha Kitts, Lilac Wine and put your feet up honey on this stunning (4) Vintage 1970s French coffee table and off (5) ABC Carpet & Home stunning purple rug. A pair of these Amethyst lamps will look gorgeous at your place darling (6) grab them while you can however if they are a little out of your price range, please don't hurt yourself dreaming about this vintage Hermes Birkin bag in purple (7).  Oh, and the gold swirly thing, that's a beautiful sculpture by the very talented Dan Murphy but you already knew that, didn't you?  Time to go, better get big boy to whilst for a taxi. (Lizzie is so overwhelmed, she has pulled out a ciggie.)  Don't trip on the purple dining chair on your way out (9).

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click Jimi jams bar for some purple haze (it's noisy...)

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purple crab.jpg