Melissa Collison


Feelin' a little Bawa

With Sydney sneaking into winter, the sun beginning to take a well-earned rest, leaves falling from trees, flowers showing less of themselves, and people spending more time inside, let's bring the outside in.  And who else could inspire us more than Geoffrey Bawa?

Today's storyboard takes a leaf straight out of Bawa's book, and directly to the wonder of his oasis style.  A perfect example of inspired colonial decor meets evergreen.  Rooms are punctuated with living plants, teak and jackwood furniture and woven rattan and bamboo. Light, gracefully airy, yet flourished with a dash of glamour (usually displayed in his selection of pendant lights).  Simplicity at it's most elegant!  Take me there now... Swoon... 

kandy kingdom.png

Got a sweet tooth?  Well, you are going to be all over these little chocolate peppermints.  Sit down and enjoy your masala while I take you through our Kandy Kingdom of Sri Lankan delights.  This (1) hanging brass 20th century birdy will add just the right touch of nature at your home tweety pie and you'll definitely need a big (2) Colonial Satinwood and ebony armoire filled with all of your hand-made delights. Rest up on these gorgeous (3) velvet deco armchairs while I turn on the fan - you look like you're getting a little hot - just relax, sit back and enjoy the cool shadow of the (4) brass palm light.  Are you swaying honey 'cause you will look super cute swinging above the (5) rattan colonial chaise but don't pull the (7) chandelier down from the ceiling.  And you know as well as I do that this handmade 1970s bamboo palm screen (6) will add just that touch of mystery and surprise against the shapes and shadows of this (8) tropical palm print.

If the heat's got to you and your tongue is still hanging out for more, scroll below to see some gorgeous images taken by acclaimed photographer Richard Powers of Bawa's idyllic home in Sri Lanka, Lunuganga, for his book Beyond Bawa.