Melissa Collison


in the garden with Sophia

garden storyboard.png

 Want to get your hands dirty darling?  Better dig deep honey, 'cause your going to need too. Watch for the thorns on this (1) rose petal chandelier when you're hanging it under a shady tree... Oh, I can just see you tending to your fresh herbs in this antique stone trough (2) but don't graze your knees begging for it... Hold onto the horns when playing giddy-up on this (3) moss-covered, stone-carved goat (careful though, he might turn you into a little ragu!)  As always, I'll let you take a little rest on the (4,5) stone benches but don't stay too long or you'll gather moss.  It's time to hop up honey and set the (9) Carrara carved outdoor table ready for lunch, skip up the stairs (6) and look back over this Italian garden vista, carrying a bowl of grapes in this (7) oh so Italian pretty enamel vase. Lay in the grass bella and let this little (8) gargoyle quench your thirst.  Luigi is ready and waiting...