Melissa Collison


the italian job

italian inspired story.png

Italy is one of those places that I can never get enough of.  Every visit leaves me wanting more, more, more.

A few years back, I met a local Venetian on the Rialto Bridge.  From the crack of dawn we had been wiling away the hours at the market, La Pescheria.  Coffee turned into gelato, and then an aperitif, then an evening passagata through the square, then dinner, and over the course of the next couple of years we would meet up.

When I first went to his home, I was in awe.  A deceptively small and secret door in San Paolo (home of many local Venetians by the canal) was a gigantic lobby with soaring ceilings.  Terrazzo floors echoed our every footstep. Massive floor-to-ceiling carved and adorned timber doors needed two hands to be pulled back to expose the living room. An eclectic mix of traditional Venetian furniture with painted finishes, masterfully married with modern 20th Century furniture. Curtains sweeping the floor; leaning shutters resting on the exterior; Nonna's lace dotted here and there.  Achingly cool.

Romance aside, I have put together a few pieces of eclectic Venice, and I make no apologies for the detail and the kookiness of some of it.  Long live Venezia!

Swung from the (1) Murano chandelier... gave it new meaning.  Rested on the (2) Blackamoor footstool and danced the nights away on the (3) terrazzo. Laughed out loud on the (4) kitsch clam chair, politely left earrings on the (5) little hand-painted table and tried not to trip over the (6) classic Venetian adorned side table.  Still want to dance... take a turn with the (7) Blackamoor.  Indulged and dreamt over the (8) painting of beautiful Venezia. One last look in the mirror before (9) Lights out...  buona notte xxx