Melissa Collison


india in detail

sub-continental drift story.jpg

I think we better start by advertising our love for the subcontinent with this (1) vintage poster.  Stash your rupees in the (2) wood chest as we get ready for the (3) bell ringing.  Peep through this intricate (4) screen and enjoy the warm glow of candles burning in these (5) elephant holders.  Your animal friends won't forget a sumptuous feast held round this bronze metal tray table, and there are some sweet treats waiting for you in the hand painted box.  You won't be able to resist shaking your bangles to the bhangra boogie when you see the divine, model loving Krishna in (8) strutting his stuff.  But where is his flute? Time to have a little tete-a-tete with the maharaja on these plush (9) chairs, unless you'd rather the kneel in the company of (10) ganesh of course.  Now dive into that (11) wooden inlay box - you might find a treasure or two.  Caught henna-handed?  Better shimmy behind this (12) folding screen and wait for the wedding…