Melissa Collison


pastel power

pastel power storyboard.png

Interior Decor and trends in clothing are following the same path.  With a world of creative people and you only need to go to Etsy or Pinterest to confirm this, there are so many options and ways to inject a little of the latest 'fashion' into the decor of your home.

Summer in Europe and the USA is showing a strong trend for pastels this year.  So, lets give our homes a Pastel Power make-over now in preparation for a gorgeous and happy summer, 2012.

It’s time to visit the pastel pantry, so pop on your (1) Bill Blass vintage pyjama suit… colour is always better with a glass of milk.  Tip-toe across the (2) Gene Meyer Rug, feel the sherbet fizz of this (3) lemon lounge by Milo Baughaman and dreamy (4) painting by Jean Bouvier-Foret Rose.  Toast those marshmallows of yours over the (5) Italian 1970s Pink Scavo glass candlesticks, but be careful playing with fire.  You’d better sugar-coat reality with a glance into the (6) Lucite sky high mirror.  Under a wash of blue? It could be your vintage (7) Murano oceanic blue chandelier, (8) the teardrop-shaped Seguso art glass sculpture, or your plummeting blood glucose levels.   Better have a rest on the (9) Harvey Probber couch with Jack Lenor Larsen fabric; the yellow Fizz-Wizz glow of the (10) Seguso opaline lamp should bring you back to life.  Remember stashing your emergency candies in the (11) English Majolica jardinière?  Grab your Lolita lollipops and flutter by the (12) 1970s butterfly wall light on your way back to bed.   Sweet dreams.