Melissa Collison



It's been several years since I was in Argentina.  However I was reminded of it and all of it's beauty over the weekend when I caught up with some Argentinian friends.

In Buenos Aires I fell in love with it's raw passion and it's soul.  The romantic Baroque style architecture clearly influenced by the Italians and the French.  And, even though New York loves to say it nevers sleeps, Buenos Aires truly never sleeps.  The feeling there is electric.

Inspired by my weekend, I thought I would dream of heading south through Argentina and end up in Patagonia and give us a little wild horse riding treat.

If you have ever fancied yourself a little cowboy or gaucho then head for Argentina to be wrapped in warm blankets in front of an outdoor open fire pit and watch the stars.  Muscular, sweaty and hardened cowboys are all over the country in Argentina and they are so proud of their heritage.  An historical mix of Italians and Spanish (with a dash of Greek), Argentina has a wonderful mix of what is beautiful from several continents....I'd swap my beers, meat pies and Lamingtons in a heartbeat with Malbec, Asado and Dulce de Leche...

So, lets stretch out the Alpaca blanket, light the fire, breath in the smoke and have a full blown Argentinian experience...

Screen shot 2012-06-26 at 2.32.10 PM.png

Photos by Mustafah Abdwlaziz


As you can see we've been horsing around in the studio...

giddy up storyboard.png

Ain’t this storyboard just purtier than a new calf in springtime?  You heard it straight from the (1) gold horse’s head sculpture.  You can pull yourself up (2) that thar cheer and setchursef down for a spell. I’ll saddle up and kick up my (3) leather cowboy boots on the (4) horse foot rest.  We’ll be rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, by the time we get (6) to that there ol’ carousel horse.  Now add a dash of (5) Hermes orange and this here Horse Whisperer has got you hell bent for leather.  Rawhide!