Melissa Collison


Warm Ride

warm ride storyboard.png

Remember when chocolate brown was so big?Everything in interior decor was brown.  We overdosed so badly on brown that eventually we had to lock it in the cupboard and everything became white and charcoal instead.

The very cold Sydney days we've had of late have made me dream of a lusciously chocolately brown room... one with a big open fireplace, a library of books, a glass of red, a beautiful home-made terrine and something strong to snuggle up to.  And only the sound of a clock.

Because I can't instantly change my own home to a big chocolate melting pot, I thought I would humour myself with an inspired drop of sweet cocoa brown.  It's time to bring brown back, but this time we'll punch it up a bit with a quirky pop of frivolity.  It's a chocolate box and someone has bitten into the orange cream...

(1) Ralph Lauren's floral wallpaper looks like a chocolate wrapper against the chocolate bar-like (2) tufted velvet Milo Baughman sofa.  Devour it fast, there's also a (3) leather Barcelona chair ready and waiting, perched above the (4) vintage Persian carpet in burnt orange.  Not to mention the (4) little stool, but it's no chocolate log, you'll have to travel to Brazil to find a Macaranduba tree to reproduce that little beauty.  I might have a little diabetic coma on this (6) peachy orange Rococo chaise while you forage though your wallet for our Golden Ticket.  Need something lighter?  Lets turn on the (7) Paul Evans 1950s 4-tier pendant fitting.  Time's melting on the (8) 1940s French Tole clock, but don't lose your head, like the (9) 1928 Classic Torso by Gaston Lachaise 1928.  It's like being in a candy store here.  Maybe I'll rest my feet on the (10) coffee table or take the world for a spin on the (11) illuminated globe.  Can we please pig out the (12) painting too? It's by Stephen S. Pace, it's from the 1950s and you know how much I love mid-century. Time to leave sweetie.  Have you got all of our loot?  Don't forget to stash the (13) Napoleon III ebonized mirror in your pick 'n mix...