Melissa Collison



The Chinese believe that yellow and gold is the centre of everything as it generates Yin and Yang.  And with red symbolizing good fortune and joy, is it any wonder we often see red, yellow and gold in Chinese decor?

If you are thinking of going a little Chinese-esque or Chinoiserie in the decor of your new abode, maybe this storyboard below will bang your Chaozhou drum...


Feelin' a little noodle?  Well, wrap your fortune around this this, Cookie..Feng up that shui with this (1) gold chinoiserie wallpaper that gleams like a Chinatown roast duck.  A (2) Finely painted and lacquered chest of drawers makes for a stylish storage solution for all that heavy propaganda.  You’ll have to smash a gong to give the (3) Ginger pot the attention it deserves.  Ponder your existence with Confucius-style clarity in this (4) enamel and silk armchair.  Stash your concubine behind this (5) folding screen, admire with emperor-style alacrity your (6) wood palace? and (7) sculptural bronze Chinaman.  And when the sun sets on the Forbidden City, you can switch on your (8) Mandolin lamps, carved up for double happiness.  Yin, meet Yang.