Melissa Collison



What if?

What if I was designing a new interior for my own home today, what would I do?  I'm not sure if it's the cool Sydney weather and I feel like getting warm, or I'm just doing back to rich creams, deep chocolates, mocha, bronze and gold.  Perhaps it's time...

MUSCOVADO storyboard.png

We have done a lot of swinging from chandeliers, jumping on the sofa, rolling on the carpets and now it's time we show that we can really be nice.  If you are hoping to wrap your sweet lips around the muscovado collection of brown sugar here, think again. It's time to grow up and be a little demure sweetie...

Take a glimpse in this (1) 1950s Italian starburst mirror and flick on the (2) Pierre Cardin lamp.  Here's one Hot Buttered Rum on the rocks, you can rest it on the (3) bronze-wrapped side table while you run your fingers over this absolutely stunning (4) cocktail table by Phillipe Jean. If you feel like staying a while, sit yourself down on the (5) Milo Baughman or the richly upholstered (8) silk velvet Harvey Probber, you know I am a fan. Cole and Son have done a wonderful new interpretation of an (7) iconic wallpaper - truly something to froth about - and the (6) Venini cascading in drips of latte and cream is throwing a warm, sophisticated glow over the room.  Are you feeling warm and relaxed?