Melissa Collison


snow wonder

It been a little chilly in Sydney of late and dreaming of transporting myself to sunny and hot destinations is getting me nowhere.  Who cares?  I'm a great believer in making the most of it and relishing what I have in front of me and making it work.

It's snow wonder then, I came up with this icy scheme that reminds us of the Tundra.  Rug up and wrap your polar paws around a vodka to keep warm today...

tundra storyboard.png

Building an igloo?  Our tundra-inspired interior will leave you hanging like the stalactites on this (1) Baccarat crystal candelabra.  Huddling close for body warmth are the (2) Gianfranco Frattini stacking tables, right by the tempting ice-block of an (3) armless slipper chair by Milo Baughman. Your frostbitten feet will melt into the (4) geometric rug like the polar paws on this (5) African side table by John Dickinson.  There's also an (6) upholstered french provincial sofa, slightly weather-beaten from years in the sub-zero.  Feel like a little something on the rocks?  This (7) crystal sconce by J. & L. Lobmyer for The Met is straight out of the deep-freeze and the trees in this (8) Ikat Dhuvri wallpaper have turned to blue.  You might too, if not for the Northern Lights of the (9) venini glass chandelier - so handy when you need to apply your high protection moisturiser in the (10) Curtis Jere raindrops mirror, and enjoy some arctic abstraction in (11) Robert Kelly's 2009 "Nocturne Grande XLV". After a day of selling ice to eskimos you'll be making full use of the seal-pup cute (12) 70s oval lucite bench, and resting your glassy eyes on the (13) Bert England wall mounted cabinet.