Melissa Collison


i love lucite

Lucite is a groovy 1960s word for plastic.  Clear, clean, moulded and fab, baby!  It's edgier than crystal and a much more versatile material that can be moulded into many shapes. Here's why I love lucite:

lucite again.png

Fasten your lucite buckle, if this (1) formed drop chandelier doesn't signal the entrance to The Valley Of The Dolls not much else will…  pop down on one of these (2) funky upholstered occasional chairs, or if your pretty little head's not already spinning you might want to furnish yourself on the adorable (3) tulip styled swivel chair .  No time to even dare of thinking about being wined and dined on this (4) dining chair before I summon your mod bod over to this chaise lounge for some well-needed therapy.  Still a little glassy-eyed?  Just make sure to stay by my (6) sideboard sweetheart and and I'll give you some perspex-tive while the light dances above us through this (7) chandelier and in the reflection of this (8) swirly whirly coffee table.  We're living in lucite dreams tonight baby...