Melissa Collison


funk me

Wanna get down and get groovy?

It's time to get a little funky then.  Why be serious all the time?

If you want to create a super cool space then maybe you will be inspired by our storyboard below:

funk me storyboard.png

I hope you've got your glasses on for this groovy story baby 'cause I'm guessing if you found yourself in this trip out of a room today you might need a Berocca...

While you sip on your Bloody Mary you'll probably need a few Hail Mary's to retrace your steps and figure out how you ended up passed out on the Milo Baughman sofa. Where is your friend who was perched on the 1970's retro upholstered chair straight out of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in London? This looks like scene from The Hangover..I won't bore you with all the details but after there was a game of dominos played, you spilled your drink all over the Paul Evans coffee table.  Rest assured the Dale Frank and the Jeremy Willis acrylic were not damaged...

Tick tock, you're looking a bit like the Corum Skull Clock. You better step outside and hail a cab, you look like you need some rest...

Melissa Collison