Melissa Collison


tutti frutti

Sometimes life is a bowl of freshly chopped and juicy fruit.  A dash of colour is just what we need in our lives when everything gets a bit beige.  I'm not saying you need to go the whole way but just imagine what Eve could have done to Adam with a whole fruit salad!

If you need a little raspberry jus for your juju then dive into the bowl below...

tutti frutti story.png

You’ll want to get your tutti frutti out from behind the (1) modernist screen, and onto the lush (2) Kelly Wearstler chair pronto darling! The (3) 19th Century Mintor rams head jardiniere is going to see a good harvest this year, with the psychedelic, super-sweet (4) toile du jouy lounge chair and (5) 1940s Italian fruit lamp freshly freshly picked for your amusement.  If you like a little cherry on top, maybe this (6) vintage pink murano chandelier will hit the spot.  You’ll be smacking your lips with delight at the (7) 20th Century Marilyn Monroe lip sofa, and looking ultra-ripe in a vintage Dolce et Gabbana vintage dress.  Let's all just head back to 1955, roll around on an (8) modernist rug and celebrate la dolce vita to the sounds of Little Richard: 

"A-wop bop-a loo-mop, a good goddamn!  Tutti Frutti, good booty..."