Melissa Collison


forever fronds

In Australia we have summer just around the corner and I've been feeling a little frond of jungle leaves for a while now. In fact, I've been feeling tropical since 2 years ago when I had chairs in my home upholstered in a super-dynamic frond print.  I'm also growing quite frondly of the idea of getting some wallpaper installed in my studio but I'm still swaying....may have to see a Palmist to make that decision. Fronds are becoming my best frond forever.  Ha, a new BFF.

Ok, that's enough of fronddy funnies.  If you want to get the look with a demure touch of Palm Beach Florida glamour, then feel the lushness below:


Between the (1) French Art Deco gilded bronze royal palm crystal chandelier, and (2) reupholstered occasional chair with palm print, we’ll have you well and truly feeling the fern.  Potter around under your vast canopy with your (3) Max Laeuge ceramic vase, while the whimsical (4) papier mache lion (with green leaves and lily of the valley) guards over your (5) carved silver champagne bucket.  Stop for a moment’s reflection in the (6) gold mirror and congratulate yourself on your vast urban ecosystem. The (7) vintage Moroccan rug sprawls underfoot while the (8) Sergio Bustamante bronze toucan (the same species we sourced for Brasserie Ananas in Sydney) perches on high.  And if you’re ever feeling alone in the wilderness, get your BFF (Best Frond Forever) to take a leaf out of your wardrobe: a (9) 1930s olive green silk ruffle gown or (10) 1930s watercolour chiffon dress can only enhance the landscape.  Fronds that sway together, stay together.