Melissa Collison


maui wowie

With this beautiful weather I'm dreaming of a little Maui, sun on my face and salt in my hair...hey surfer boy, lets take a tumble in the waves.

So, if laying in a hammock among the trees, hanging by the beach with sand between your toes, surfing on your long board or retro-styling the seaside streets on your 50s skateboard is your thing, well then maybe, just maybe, you need a quick change of decor to fully reflect that Maui groove you've got going on.  You can even rest your SUP against the wall...

maui wowie storyboard.png

Aloha, I can see beach boy skating down the road.  Time to pick up your Ukulele and light the imu.  It's time for a little mele and a little hula, girl.  Slip into your grass skirt, wipe the sand off your (1) Paipo 1920s surfboard, and cool down in the (2) Italian bamboo 1950s round armchairs while I grab you a Blue Hawaiian.  This evening lets have a skate on these (3) retro boards.Think I might join you on this (5) 1950s bamboo sofa.  Don't they call this a Pretzel arm?  Feet up on the (4) pouf.  Ahhhh. While you were prettying up the shore with your surfer moves, I've been busy with a little decorating of my own... I shimmied down to the local trash and treasure and grabbed a few things: a (6) 1950s plaster guitar player lamp, (7) grass cloth hula girl wallpaper, (8) 1970s taxidermy maui maui (not sure about this one, should we keep it?), a (9) vintage Hawaii travel poster and a (10) rattan side-board is your new bar.  Just gotta dig out the long play.  Cool huh.  Are we on the same wavelength? mx