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Pantone digs up an emerald

Pantone has announced it's colour of the year - Emerald.  I am a lover of emerald green especially in Malachite and Emeralds (mixed with diamonds...)

Green is often considered a cool colour.  And cool in so many ways it is. As Kermit says, sometimes being green can be cool and friendly-like and green can be big like an ocean, or important like a mountain, or tall like a tree. I'm sure you will agree with me here that green can also be super glamorous and sensuous...

emerald storyboard small.png

So let's gather our wads of green and go shopping again.  You've pictured yourself already haven't you, lounging around this emerald room in your Pucci palazzo pants listening to a long play. Dreaming of dripping in jewels under this (1) 1960s Amber Barovier + Toso Chandelier. Maybe you could just get down and get groovy on the Robyn Cosgrove 'Alhambra' wool rug (2) or perch your pretty little self on these re-conditioned (3) 1950s emerald green chairs, but don't sit for long my precious as you don't own them just yet and we wouldn't want your derrière bruising the velvet.  Oh look, a glass Fred Brouard (4) coffee table...should you or shouldn't you?, catches the dust - thankfully you have good hired help.  Because it's all about you sweetie, you better start flashing that platinum card if you want either of the (5) Willy Daro malachite lamp.  Note to self: Semi-precious stones are so IN, better grab something now to be ahead of the pack, or burn the plastic with this knock-out oil painting (6) Winding Back, 2011 by acclaimed artist Iidiko Kovacs from Martin Browne Contemporary. Better check your lippy in this (7) Starburst mirror from the house of Chaty of Vallauris - you've still got it babe.  Now perch yourself on this (8) 1940s commode by Tommi Parzinger, sip your Cristal champagne and take one last long look before you leave.  It's you isn't it's really you.  Ta, ta Dorothy.  See you soon.

Loving Porter's Paints new palette of summer green paints:


Here is Pantone's shade:

pantone emerald.png

And, before you leave our green post, make sure you click the Crystalline Green button below to be moved as Goldfrapp pumps out some electric green vibes.  Too cool. mxx

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