Melissa Collison


love, love, love

With Cupid in position and ready to let go of his bowstring, let's dedicate this week to that crazy little thing called love.

We all know that love comes in many shapes and forms - and don't they say it makes the world go round?  Well, it certainly has for me. Love has spun my world around at times and left me dizzy.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could bottle that new feeling of love and bring it out when we needed it?  The passion, desire and yearning. That I couldn't get enough of you even if we were zipped inside each other kind of love. 

Let's also pay tribute to the I'm committed and love you kind of love. The knowing and safe and secure kind of love. And, haven't you ever met someone that you just felt like you had already known them forever? You just move at the same pace.  A there's a place for you in my heart forever, no matter what, my friend, kind of love.

Love touches so many aspects of our world and if I was designing a space for love this week then maybe, just maybe, I would use some of the pieces of furniture and objects below.  Then again, maybe not! I'm also into a more organic, pure and wind-in-the-hair kind of love.  Bring out the teepee, open fire and stars in the open skies (we'll get to that kind of love later in the week).

Until then, let's see if you can you can imagine being together tangled on this Wyeth red velvet sofa, falling onto the red Filikli rug and knocking the heart shaped red Salviati vase onto the floor.  You might need some extra cash though, this kinda love doesn't come for free...