Melissa Collison


pretty perfect pink love (ick)

The loved-up little doll-faces of this world know that the way to his heart is not through his stomach but through testing how much pink he can stomach. Yes, there’s a certain timeless appeal to dreaming your whole life of being whisked away (like a sickly sweet meringue) from harm on a fairytale romance.  Cue our pretty, perfect, pink powderpuff, precious-as-porcelain princess sap fest.

Once you’ve been safely and successfully plonked into a palace in the sky - and have dinner in the oven - you can get to the finer details of perfecting your interiors for Valentine’s Day.  Don't forget to click on our fairytale storyboard for some nauseatingly romantic sounds.


Protect your modesty with the use of this (1) silk petite point 19th Century Prussian needlepoint screen, perfect for frequent outfit changes, and await his arrival (2) on your bubble-gum pink tufted, fringed causeuse.  Every trophy wife needs to have an engraved plaque stating the fact, so pull out that (3) vintage gold charm pendant alluding to your angelic nature (your loving husband should have provided this at an earlier date).  Still waiting?  Perk yourself up with a soft embrace from your (4) 1970s Artifort ribbon chair by Pierre Paulin, available, of course, in a limited edition pair.  Draped in a frothy, silky-sweet (5) 1930s sheer tulle negligee, with the shimmering discs of your (6) 1960s Vistosi pink chandelier matching - astonishingly - your pale milky glitter gloss pout, it’s time to try yet another seating option.  The swinging tassels of this (7) tufted recamier provide a little excitement to your day.  Look up at the (8) vintage French crystal chandelier, with stunning flower details, and the soft curves of your (9) 1960s powder pink floor lamp, and think how perfectly happy you are.