Melissa Collison


black is beautiful

Let's go back to black.  I'm thinking deep, dark and moody.  A hint of suggestion and mystery.

We've had that super fresh feeling for so's time for smokey bars and fast cars.  Our olfactory senses are creating hallucinations of wood and musk....


Stare into the inky depths of a (1) Stangl art deco vase, chase shadows over an (3) antique Indian Lahore rug, and sink into the abyss of a (4) 60s Italian club chair, cos you're a (2) Black Magic Woman, and you got me so blind I can't see.  Outstretch the elegant, spidery arms on your (5) Italian mid-century floor lamp while glossy teardrops stream down from a (6) Venini murano chandelier.  Disappear behind that luminous printed (7) Pedro Friedeberg folding screen and shroud yourself in the magic of your (8) French art deco perfumes.  Catch your reflection in that glossy blackberry (9) console by Boca Do Logo.  Renoir said "black is the queen of colours".  We say black is back.