Melissa Collison


Venus Was Her Name

Fellow cosmonauts, it’s time to set the music on autopilot, meet George Jetson, and probe deeply into what has to be a highlight of mid-century design: the Space Age.


It was Sputnik that kicked off the space race, so we’ll commence our countdown with (1) a 1968 sputnik-style chandelier by Stilnovo. Aim for a soft landing on the planetary terrain of this (2) ABCD sofa by Pierre Paulin for Artifort ca. 1968.  Stars in your eyes?  Cut the glare with a pair of iconic (3) 1965 “Lunette Eskimo” by Courrèges.  The (4) white “Womb” settee by Eero Saarinen for Knoll is a perfect capsule for our budding (5) spacewoman (Linda Morand, wearing Pierre Cardin).  The satellite-like (6) Eames DKR dining chairs with pink bikini cushions make for a charming dining module, and will look simply stellar with a couple of (7) Paco Rabanne “Space Curtains” floating around.  Everything in orbit?  Time for a little moonwalk in your silver Courrèges space booties.

Melissa Collison