Melissa Collison


flowers in our hair

Style-wise, I’m usually holding up the flag for ultra glam.  But here’s a secret.  Behind the brave face I just wanna be a wild child, running free with daisies in my hair.

For me, this is the dream:

Wild flowers, teepees, guitars... Creeks, rivers, surf to swim in, deep oceans to fish from, clean soil to grow our vegetables... Mountains, forests, wild animals, some big starry nights to sleep under and an outdoor fireplace to keep us warm (oh yeah, did I mention the big strong man with the big strong safe arms and a covering of facial hair in this scenario?) There’d be sun on our faces, sand between our toes, wind touching our skin... and flowers baby, flowers in my hair.

Don't forget to press play for a little guitar strummin':

free love story melissa collison.png

Don’t matter if you’ve got (1) a Christoph Palme “52 Glass Flowers” chandelier, (2) an Andy Warhol “Flowers” screenprint, (?) a Kenzo floral silk kaftan, (3) a Rick Ayotte cut glass “Hallucination” with daisies and blueberries, (4) a Jean Royère “Oeuf” covered in flower material by Paule Marrot or (5) a 70s Brutalist flower table lamp; if you’re going anywhere near (6) El Cosmico in that vintage trailer, be sure to wear a flower in your hair.  When we say “free love” we don’t mean no $15 organic granola.  We mean teepees baby, (9) bathtubs dragged out to the garden, (10) living each day by lofty ideals... with Peace, (11) Love, Understanding and... did I mention flowers?