Melissa Collison


on the prowl

Why stay at home with 28 domesticated cats when you can be one sexy, on-the-prowl one?  We have a little vintage cat-woman crush.  Think Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt, Gene Tierney.  Women with real claws, no sign of pack mentality.  Curiosity killing you?  Read on, tiger, we've got pussy galore.



Be careful with your nails when you're pawing all over this (1) Hermes silk scarf with artwork by Robert Dallet. You might not have a mane but this shaggy (2) handmade Malibu chair by Kelly Wreastler should convey your animalistic side. The (3) yellow Eames for Herman Miller "Cat's Cradle" lounge chair is an expensive scratching post, but my, what's that you've spied? The mid-century (4) cat's eye and diamond ring by Mario Buccellati and (5) vintage 40s bamboo-styled cat eye sunglasses are looking right back at you, pussy cat. All that curiosity got you tired? Kitties need their naps - you'd better stretch out that fine feline bod on a sleek (6) Oscar Niemeyer 'Rio' rocking chaise. When you feel like playing again, the (7) Niels Jørgen Haugesen string chairs should keep you occupied til the day fades... and by then you'll want to slip into your (8) Stella McCartney stretch-crepe catsuit and go chase shadows under the (9) 70s painted leopard pendant lamp.

Melissa Collison