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I've been thinking a lot about colour lately, trying to define which colour is me. I've been doing this because we are about to have new stationery printed for our studio for next year.

It may sound a little OCD spending so much time trying to get the right colour, but lets face it, when you get cards, letterheads, with compliments slips printed etc, you get kind of stuck with them until they run out.

I have to admit, I've let my stash of these run dry in the last 6 months because I honestly felt that these days we simply just don't need them anymore... then I re-thought...

It's so lovely to touch and feel and see.  So, when I meet someone, it's so nice to leave them with something and hand-write a note and post it rather than shooting off another super quick email.  I now hope Australia Post have some cool stamps.  The ones I have with Girl Guides on them are not going to cut it.  With those thoughts, we will be going retro in my studio and from now on, handing out business cards and posting little notes.

The prediction is blue for the hottest trend for next year, and here is where I have been looking for a little colour inspiration, The Ultra Bright:

Melissa Collison