Melissa Collison

In the studio


Welcome to my lifestyle blog.  Thank you for visiting.

This blog is really to let me loose on all that captivates me. So, it's a 'lifestyle' blog.

Professionally, I am an interior designer and am one of those fortunate enough to spend everyday 'working' doing something I absolutely love.  And, I have been fortunate enough, along the way, to work with really fabulous clients who let me loose on their projects. Brave huh! So, before I go any further...drum roll...a big thank you to you all and you know who you are. 

I love creating and arranging flowers at home, re-arranging the furniture and cooking.  Yes, cooking. I love it. It's another outlet for me.  Its one of those things in life that I am completely unafraid of.  I know the thought of whipping something up in the kitchen sends shivers down the spine of some but I'd be delighted to get a call that ten friends were popping in for lunch in two hours.  No big deal...just please don't call today.

And, the setting, the lighting, the music is all so important. It's the sense, the first impression that feels so good.

Traveling, bringing new ideas back.  From eating a dish is a village in India to a super cool meal in New York. I'll try it, copy it.  Always changing.  Colour is also so important to me, I can't get enough and it's all colours and all combinations.  I might see a fabric on my travels or an object, or an old wall, an imperfectly beautiful flower or a smile in an imperfectly beautiful face and it will spark a sense.  An idea. A feeling.  I'll take you on my magic carpet ride and I hope to translate these feelings to you in my posts.

You may discover along the way that I can, at times, have an unconventional sense of humour.  So, if it looks like it doesn't belong, it probably doesn't - but, whatever, it will in my eyes.

The format (and this is planned if I have time..) is, Tell me a Story which is a furniture and decor story as in my first posts below, 'Pink Diamonds' and 'Purple Reign'.  Whipped and Plucked, I cook something, photograph it and serve it up for your eyes.  Surround Me, I post music I love or am listening to. Move Me, is all about travel and places that inspire me. This first issue has a post from New York delivered by my wonderful, smart, gorgeous friend, Ashley, who is living there at the moment (so incredibly jealous). Freshly Picked will be all things from the garden and Share the Love will be things I love from others. Shopped will eventually be items you can purchase from me and I hope to begin a new range of decor items really soon...need time....oh, deep breath.  And, of course, you can Hire Me to bring your design dreams to a reality.

Andy Warhol's banana on the side is my gift to you.  Press it, but not if you are at your desk, in your open-plan office pretending to be working, as the banana is very noisy and your cover will be blown.  I promise, it will make you happy. I was going to have the words scratch and sniff below the banana but the thought of you damaging your screen scratching and bruising your nose sniffing was a responsibility I simply couldn't bare.

And finally, a little about me and my inspiration.  I grew up with a beautiful mother.  One who painted beautifully in oils, played the piano, gardened and arranged flowers and cooked delicious meals with love and never reading the recipe, just looking at the picture.  A mum, who when we had people over, before the days of dimmers on light switches, would put sticky tape over the main lights so no-one could turn them on, relying on the ambience of lamps, garden fresh flowers, Shirley Bassey on the turntable and the smell of her fabulous kitchen and decked out in a fabulous outfit. A mother who could wallpaper the entire 'good room', re-arrange the furniture and have new carpet installed in a day, while we were at school.  Thanks mum.  You filled my senses and life with all things colourful and beautiful. Thanks allowing me to be brave, for letting me be me.

In my eyes, there is beauty in so much.  And, much of the beauty is trying it and giving it a chance.


lots of love,  Melissa xxx

p.s. A big thanks to the very talented, our very own GEN Y site, blog, tech head, media savvy, clever and funny NENA for working with me without pulling her hair out and helping design this site.

p.p.s. We don't have a copy clerk in our studio, so if you see a grammar or spelling error, please feel free to return it corrected complete with a full time copy clerk.


Were you a pink girl?

A pink girl is always a pink girl like no other.  Our story board here is to inspire glamorous femininity. Pink doesn't have to be childish and girly.  Pink is smart and clever.

If you decide to change your whole home and go pink this weekend, you might like to start with one of Porters Paints new pinks from their hot off the shelf colour chart.  Check out Pink Ginger or Wild Strawberry.  Swoon.

Meanwhile put the items above on your shopping list. (1) Tiffany + Co Platinum pink diamond ring - you're worth it. (2) 1950s Murano Chandelier which has a drop of two metres, hope you have high ceilings...(3) Pink carpet from ABC Carpet & Home, don't burn your knees feeling the quality sweetie .  (4) Feeling like you need to sit down now, try one of these Pierre Paulin armchairs circa 1960s. (5) Maybe need a drink now that you've looked up the price, drink out of these Pairpoint Cranberry glasses. (6) 1950s French Eglomise mirror clad buffet - go on, none of your friends will have this little baby and they haven't got this either, (7) 1963 'Untitled' Charlotte Park oil painting.  (8) Ok, you are feeling a little faint now, turn on this gorgeous Murano Pink swirl lamp, please don't knock over the (9) 1960s Antonio de Ros for Cenedese vase. All of this shopping has probably started to make you build up a little glow, check yourself in this French mirrored room divider (10).  And darling, please leave the Pairoint glass on the mid 20th Century Famille Rose Chinoiserie Ceramic seat (11) on your way out. Your pockets aren't deep enough...