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shannon crees does graffiti

This week I'd like to introduce you to Shannon Crees.  Shannon is a graffiti artist with a twist.  While she may have painted on walls and won several awards for doing so, she doesn’t hang from trains and you won’t catch her hanging out around Enmore station late at night with a can of fluoro green in her hand.

Shannon's art is much more sophisticated than that.  I came across her several years ago now when I was pitching some ideas for one of my client's projects.  I just love that her work is so feminine, yet it also has an edgy rawness about it. I call it glamour graffiti.

Over the past couple of years I have commissioned Shannon to create and paint several installations for me: one at a client's home and one in the foyer of my home which appeared in InStyle.  She also donated a large artwork to the YWCA Mother Of All Balls charity event of which I am a committee member.  It was live-motion art with Shannon working on the piece while the event unfolded.  It was auctioned on the night and raised much needed funds for Australians in need. Thank you Shannon. xx

Shannon is not only an incredible artist but she is one of life’s really great, cool and genuinely nice people. I have uploaded a video interview with Shannon below and I really recommend you take the time to check it out (you can also visit her website here).