Melissa Collison

In the studio

Still swooning...

Wow – I cannot believe almost one week has passed since I wrote my first blog post.  I’m quite low-tech so I am unsure whether this is a weblog or a blog post but it’s attached to my website, so I think I’ll call it a webloggy thingy posty thing…

The response to our mail-out last week with an updated website and blog was fabulous.  We had around 8,000 page hits.  Now, I am not entirely sure if that is loads but I’ll take it.  Thank you so much for taking the time to have a wander around and see what we have been up to. We had so many really thoughtful and encouraging emails sent.  Thank you.  Please feel free to post comments on the blog.  Don’t be shy... Also, I had a few requests for recipes.  I will give loose directions for now, as posting entire recipes will almost send our studio into a spin.  It would be catastrophic if I wrote a cup of salt instead of a pinch.

This last week I've managed to whip up a few meals and photograph them.  I am still getting use to my new camera and went back to the store where I purchased it. The same sales guy super-sized me again.  He has to be the best sales guy I have met in quite a while. 

It has also been a week of working with a new client to design her magnificent 1920s home on the North Shore.  It’s one of those homes that is stunningly grand but has warm feel as soon as you walk in.  The wonderfully curved path leading to the home is trimmed with Hydrangeas, and one of my favourites trees which is in full bloom at the moment, a Tibouchina.  Our interior decor and furniture palette is growing in shades of blues, browns, purple, lilac and grey.  We'll bring the outside in, filling the home with the prettiness and natural glamour of the garden.

In this week's posts we feature artist Shannon Crees, share with you a beautifully inspired emerald green 'tell me a story', and keep you warm with something I whipped up in the kitchen.

Before I sign off today, I cannot leave without mentioning my wonderful and talented friend, and exceptional and successful photographer, Carla Coulson.  Carla just reminded me that it has been years since we first met when we were 15 on a gorgeous sunny beach in Australia... young, spirited and covered in sand.  Most of you will know of Carla Coulson and her beautiful books, including her first book, Italian Joy.  Carla will be in Sydney in November, all the way from Paris where she now resides, and available for a really short time to take portraits of Sydney women.  So if you want to feel rockstar beautiful for a day, get in touch with Carla here.

I just love how my wonderfully talented friends inspire me so much.  We have come a long way.