Melissa Collison

In the studio

Palm Springs Swinging 60s

We had the pleasure of being published in the (sydney) magazine last week, for an editorial on one of our most popular projects to date. It was a really, really fun project to work on, and though it has been completed for a couple of years now the interest in this project is still really high.

The brief involved watching Peter Sellers' The Party, so we did.  We re-created the swinging 60s for this groovy Sydney home (minus the bubbles).  We took reference from the old golds of the era, all the way through to moss green.  We designed a massive curved sofa to fit the space.  We used travertine, concrete and even found a supplier and had Besser bricks made for the back wall - while everyone else in the area was demolishing them! And, if you look closely you will see we referenced yellow everywhere.  My favorite room is still the James Bond style powder room... look out Goldfinger.

What might not be apparent about this home is that is has an amazingly calm and relaxed feel.  It's an absolute treat to return to whenever I am invited.