Melissa Collison

In the studio

red hot poker

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, our creative juices started boiling overtime when we got to work with the metalworkers last week. Moulding, bending and beating metal into organic forms. Experimenting with brandings, textures and finishes. The images below will give you a glimpse of the action.

There's nothing more rewarding than seeing your design sketches on paper brought to life, scale 1:1.  Into the fire the metal goes and out it comes as a red hot poker.  Wham, bash, bang.  Hot and heavy.

Clients have commissioned us to create sculptures, mirrors and consoles, and we are adding to the range with gorgeous lamps in organically glam fluid shapes, coffee tables to swoon over, exquisite mirrors that are art forms in themselves.  So watch this space.  Renegade by Melissa Collison is on it's way.  And that's the origins of 'branding'...