Melissa Collison

In the studio

bespoke furniture

It doesn't happen nearly often enough, but this week we've gotten around to photographing some of the bespoke furnishings our studio has designed for various clients.

You just can't find the perfect, gorgeous, full-length, tufted, tobacco-coloured silk velvet covered chaise, unless you design it yourself: 

Or, for that matter, an orange crush, crescent moon-shaped bench seat, for prime position in an entry foyer:

Finally, I'm very, very excited to give you a peek at our "Link Me" console.  It was designed as part of the Renegade series that we'll be launching soon.  My inspiration for Renegade is 'jewelry for the home'.  This is a solid metal piece, shaped, bent and cast into a series of links to hold a thick piece of Starphire glass. This piece is 180cm long and weighs around 100 kilos.