Melissa Collison

In the studio

brighten up!

Our studio on Queen Street, Woollahra is surrounded by gorgeous stores and one of those is Terrace.  Over the last few days, with the sun shining on their shop front, I see the most gorgeous little bursts of colourful happiness.  Today I could no longer resist temptation and popped in.

One of the owners of Terrace, Paul Hopper, was there with his absolutely effervescent personality. It really shines through in his store and how he styles his gorgeous items together.  

Big glass pots and jugs, hammocks, even pink flamingos... it looks like happy Havana days meets party central.  I'll be back for some of the Pantone flower pots and the fluro macramae pot hangers.  Bliss.

Terrace, 47 Queen Street, Woollahra.