Melissa Collison

In the studio

mid century purist renovation

When this client first invited me to their home to discuss their renovation I knew we just had to go Mid Century. The home was built in that era, with a gorgeous established garden, and if possible I really like keeping some of what we have.

The fever soon caught on and I'm now thinking my client is more of a devotee than me... I think it's time to hand the baton over.

Usually we show the finished product but I thought I would give you an insight along the way.  Here are some images from our site meeting early yesterday.  I'm loving the way the morning light dapples its way through the new openings.  Splendid!

It's almost time to pull on your black turtle-neck, get the long play out and let Serge Gainsbourg take us into the afternoon.  Whiskey anyone?


p.s.  It's true.  One of the best parts of my work is living vicariously through my projects!